About Us

We’ve got consulting roots

The history of Gavurin can be traced to a chance move to the north of England by a committed Londoner.

While teaching at Newcastle University, our CEO – who’d never used data extensively for anything – became interested in how data could inform strategy makers about markets and economies.  His thinking was focused on consulting, so he co-founded a company that used data to support companies and Government.

However, he found that the biggest element of these consultancy projects was also the element that was least profitable – the analysis of the data.

We love geography

It was therefore crucial to identify software that could make data analytics more effective and efficient.  And it had to do one thing particularly well, and that was handle geography – because increasingly, customers’ data was geographic (government data nearly always is).

And in searching for this holy grail – we discovered that it didn’t exist.  So, we built G-View, initially, to meet the needs of our own strategic consultancy.

Today, we’re a small team based in Newcastle & London.

Our strategic consulting is targeted at supporting customers whose managers need to have day to day access to data to make better decisions.

Our technology is world class geographic data intelligence with unique features and outstanding ability to handle geography intuitively.

And, in recognition of our history working with government data, we’ve built a huge warehouse of official data because Governments have great data and we know how to use it to add value.


Proud to be associated with G-Cloud 5: Cloud services approved by HM Government. See our SaaS services