SQL Query Building

G-View SQL Query Building – delivering fast results, online

If you have massive datasets, SQL queries and reports can take hours to develop. Typical SQL tools are great at developing simple queries, but what if you want to get complex analytics from your data? And what if you need that query to run really fast – because you don’t want to hang around in front of your computer.

For example, the G-View SQL query that delivers PlaceALike – an analysis that enables you to identify which of 35,000 places in England are like the place which interests you. The query computes five variables, on the fly and delivers the results of all five so that you can focus on the one that interests you.

  • G-View works with databases and spreadsheets of any size, fast
  • Your data updates immediately and your analyses are up to the minute
  • Combine one dataset with another; simply drag and drop one onto another
  • Share your results online – even Tweet them

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